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Meet Your New AI-Powered Appraisal Assistant.

Finish appraisals within 24 hours of your property inspection.

Use data to provide justified and accurate adjustments.

24/7 staff training.

Get qualified comps within seconds.

Use AI to Do Hundreds Different Tasks for You.

Free AI Audit

  • Sign up for our free AI consultation service where we will conduct a full breakdown of your company’s workflows, to finding opportunities to use AI to automate tasks, then ultimately providing you with an action plan on how to implement these today.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Talk to your assistant like a human.
  • 1 month free refund on all products & services.

Modernizing Appraisals Isn't Optional

  • Business that adapt to AI earn 40% more money on average.
  • Get a massive competitive advantage in your market.
  • Everything your MLS can do & more.

Trusted by Appraisers Across North America.

Meet the Team


Humza Ahmed

Humza Ahmed is the founder of Automax AI, a startup focused on helping appraisers solve their biggest challenges through custom AI solutions. He's a massive advocate for the implementation of artificial intelligence in modernizing businesses and has several years of experience in software development and machine learning.

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